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The use of many common prescription drugs can result in serious injuries and liability for the parties involved. When dealing with a prescription drug incident, it may be necessary to get a lawyer or attorney involved. It may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the person who caused the incident or injuries. If you have a prescription drug issue, you may have a legal case or legal claim that can result in a settlement for monetary damages. The law is on your side, but there are time limits that govern how long you have to file a claim, and other restrictions. You need to consult a lawyer or attorney so that they can decide the merits of your legal case.

Have you or a loved one taken a prescription drug and suffered a serious injury, side effect, or even death? There are many prescription drugs on the market that can cause serious injuries, even when taken correctly.

Heart attacks, strokes, hemorrhaging, aneurysms, and internal bleeding are just some of the things that can happen from taking common prescription drugs.

If you have taken any prescription drug and were injured, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Don't be a victim. Get the help you deserve.

As always, don’t stop taking any medication before consulting your doctor, but you need to be aware of your legal options.

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Pharmaceutical companies have been bad about taking a drug that made it through clinical trials for one specific ailment and marketing it for another with negative side effects. As a result there are about one and a half million injuries related to drugs or medical devices every year which is why prescription drug lawsuits have become so commonplace. Because there is big money in selling drugs, not to mention the cost of bringing a drug to market, pharmaceutical companies have lobbied legislators for protection from lawsuits caused by their marketing, their secrecy, and their negligence. Oftentimes these firms are forced into a quiet prescription drug settlement rather than have their brand tainted. This is cold comfort to those have lost someone to drug company maleficence. If your loved on or even yourself has been prescribed a drug whose consumption resulted in a serious adverse event, injury, or death you have rights and may be entitled to compensation.

Common side effects of prescription drugs are stroke, aneurysms, heart attack, seizures, or internal bleeding. Some drugs such as Premarin had a higher risk of cancer associated with it. If you have been injured from taking a drug then a prescription drug lawyer may be able to help you receive adequate compensation for your injuries. At the Helios Legal Group our personal injury lawyers are well-acquainted with the ins and outs of prescription drug lawsuits and can help you better understand what you are looking at in terms of time or potential damages awarded. Personal injury cases are contingency based and do not require in most cases any money from those who pursue the case.

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This is not intended as medical advice so speak to your physician before discontinuing use of your medication.

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